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100% Natural Freeze Dried Avocado Pulp Powder

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Who uses it, how and why?
We are the only company in the world to produce 
100% Natural Freeze Dried Avocado Pulp Powder
So what is this amazing innovation?

Our industrial clients got rid of the refrigerated or frozen avocado paste or fresh fruit (storage and handling is a big issue for them), and use Sí o Sí’s avocado to create amazing sauces, guacamole dry mixes, and even instant milkshakes!

Ships around the world bring our product on board because it lasts longer, does not need refrigeration and tastes great!

Clients in distant locations see value in having less weight to transport and being able to do it without refrigeration.

Nutrition centered clients are testing our product in different forms since it keeps the great benefits of avocado.

Emergency food providers and military forces whose users do not have refrigeration available, can now bring great nutrition anywhere to eat it at any time.

We use it at home when visitors come and we are out of avocado!!! Also when we want to instantly prepare a great tasting guacamole to serve with our quesadillas.

We use the best Hass Avocado in the world! To convert it into a powder we freeze the avocado pulp, and then extract the water (only the water) in a patented process with high vacuum called lyophilization.

We can achieve the unimaginable:

  1. A 100% Natural avocado powder (we do not use any additives)

  2. With all the same great taste, smell, color, texture, vitamins, minerals (and oils) of the original fruit

  3. No refrigeration is required before opening

  4. You can instantly reconvert it into avocado pulp just by adding cold water

  5. Also... it can be certified organic!